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The Stanislaus County Farm Bureau represents approximately 3,000 farm families in Stanislaus County. We are also part of the California Farm Bureau Federation family which represents 72,000 members in California and 6.2 million members across the United States as part of the American Farm Bureau.

The 2011 Stanislaus County Ag Commissioner’s Crop report showed the County’s farm gate value, the revenue farmers receive for their crops, livestock and fiber, was just over $3 billion dollars. This revenue has a ripple effect in excess of 3.5 times the farm gate value. This places the total economic impact of agriculture in Stanislaus County at around $9 billion dollars.

This is a phenomenal amount of economic activity that touches just about every person that works and lives in our county. We have been blessed with soils, a reliable water supply and a climate like no other place in the world. It is awe-inspiring when you drive down our country roads and see the crops and the people who work and depend on the agricultural industry for their living.

Even with such diverse crops and dynamic economic activity we do have some real challenges facing our industry and this is where your membership in Farm Bureau makes a difference. Our mission is “to serve as the voice of Stanislaus County agriculture at all levels of government, while providing programs to assist its farms and family members and educate the general public of needs and importance to agriculture”. These are some pretty far reaching words but everything our staff and our board members do revolves around preserving and protecting our natural resources from water to agricultural land and promoting our industry so that we have the opportunity to continue to produce the food that feeds the world.

We feel that it is imperative to educate our children and the general public about where their food comes from and that we grow the most abundant, safest food in the world. We invite you to explore these and other programs on our website.  We ask you to continue to support our organization and tell other people who are not Farm Bureau members about us and what we do so that they may choose to join us to promote Stanislaus County agriculture and our way of life.

Thank you
Ron Peterson
Past President                                                      
Stanislaus County Farm Bureau



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