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What is FARM TEAM ?

FARM TEAM is an electronic political action committee. Special interest groups have spent millions of dollars to influence the outcome of elections and public policy. In 2006, California experienced record level political spending – more than $600 million! This was all spent in an effort to limit water and property rights, increase taxes and impose excessive regulations on our farms and ranches.


No one farmer can go it alone against such powerful special interest groups. Together we can defend our family farms from impending threats and educate political leaders and the general public on the benefits of a strong agricultural economy.

This is why Farm Bureau created FARM TEAM- a grassroots program that engages the agriculture community in the public process. FARM TEAM makes taking action easy! As a web-based program, you will receive e-mail Action Alerts that allow you to send letters and participate in activities that protect family farms and ranches. It's as easy as clicking your mouse and typing your name. Once you're signed up the rest is easy!

You do not have to be a member of Farm Bureau to participate in FARM TEAM – you just need the desire to protect the farming way of life. The strength of our grassroots network can protect family farms and ranches. Visit today or follow the FARM TEAM Icon. You can also contact our office and we can sign you up as well. Your e-mail address is kept confidential.

In Stanislaus County we also use FARM TEAM for Rural Crime information. From Crime Alerts to recovered property and information – the Stanislaus FARM TEAM works in conjunction with our Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Rural Crimes Task Force and other local Neighborhood Watchgroups and agencies to disseminate accurate information quickly.

Please join us in making sure our voices are heard and help take a bite out of crime!

Join FARM TEAM to make a difference!

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Please join us in making sure our voices are heard and help take a bite out of crime!

Why SCFB is involved in the issues:
"If you're not at the table, you're going to be on the menu!"