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Stanislaus County Farm Bureau offers a number of programs to members and to the entire community to help promote and protect agriculture.

Stanislaus County Young Farmers & Ranchers

Young Farmers and Ranchers develop leadership skills while volunteering time as active, vital members of the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau ... more>>

Stanislaus County Farm Bureau

We are a grass-roots organization dedicated to promoting and preserving agriculture in Stanislaus County. As a member of the California Farm Bureau Federation our members are provided with a network of support both on and off the farm. From delivering breaking legislative and local news to educational tools and helpful discounts, we are the here to serve the farmer...

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Why the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau is involved in the issues:
"If you're not at the table, you're going to be on the menu!"


Stanislaus Farm Bureau has three types of membership. See what category you fall into...

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